Gulf Templates Contracting Company was forged with the desire of establishing an Engineering Contracting Company integrated with the experience of those serving in the Oil and Gas Industry, Electro Mechanical Production and Maintenance Division for more than 30 Years.

Embracing the world wide recognized principles of Project Management Institution (PMI) and widely acknowledged Standards of ISO 9001:20015, GTCG aims to soar at heights of Project Management infused with high dependability and reliability towards our prominent clients such as Saudi Aramco, SADARA, SABIC, SATROP and many more.



With foundational plans of heading towards success, Gulf templates aims to be as its name suggests- A model for all to follow, a template for all to aspire.Gulf Templates visions to adopt the requirements of its clients to work AS the client rather than an operational member. In this way, we adopt the principals, policies, working standards, Safety requirements and many more parameters the clients have set for themselves and set them as our own. Achieving their target, is fulfilling our goals!


Each Client has specific requirements that make them unique to their own specialized fields. Possessing years of experience through our PMT provider LITECO; GTGC intends to win more than just our client’s satisfaction- we intend to BE our client!

Services We Offer